Experiences in choosing car toys for car interiors

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Experiences in choosing car toys for car interiors

Car toys not only contribute to decorate the car more beautiful but also increase the utility of the car. Here are some experiences to help you choose the right toy for your needs and bring the aesthetic to your car.

Notes when choosing car toys for the interior

When choosing a motorbike, you need to pay attention to the following points:

– Do not equip toys that are cumbersome, have a sophisticated design or change the structure and safety features of the vehicle.

– Only toys should be selected that are really useful and convenient, meeting the needs of use as well as the economic conditions of each individual.

- Should pay attention to toys that are entertaining and convenient

Choosing car toys for the interior

Sound system

Because the car is suitable for the interior of the car, it is often necessary to pay attention to the car's sound system. First, you should buy a good reader, then proceed with the accompanying equipment such as speakers, amp... A good reader will help you use a lot of utilities such as reading most types of discs, audio players. USB plug, Bluetooth connection, smart phone, integrated screen comes with reverse camera...

You can refer to some types of readers such as Sony, Panasonic, JVC ... with prices ranging from 10 to 15 million VND. To save money, you can also use other types of readers such as Vecaro, Alpine, TFT... for only 5 - 10 million VND. However, these types originate mainly from China and are chosen by many people because of their low prices, so they are easy to counterfeit.

When choosing a reader as well as equipping a car audio system, you should choose equipment of good quality because it directly affects the vehicle's power supply. When using poor quality equipment, not only does it reduce sound quality and life expectancy, but it also makes the power source prone to leakage, short-circuit, even electric fire, which is very dangerous.

Selecting quality equipment is only a necessary condition to increase the sound quality of the car, but it is not enough. To ensure safety and help the system work at its best, you need to install it at a reputable facility, choose an experienced and skilled technician to avoid any errors.

Camera journey

This is a toy that is currently most popular and installed by many people today because of the convenience it brings. Besides recording the journey of the roads that you go through, it also helps you handle violations and is considered an important piece of evidence to vindicate you in cases of being blamed for a collision. touch.

Dash cams are increasingly equipped with modern features integrated in the same machine. Besides the above function, they also have the ability to warn the speed by beeping when you exceed the specified speed. Besides, the positioning feature, vibration sensor and time display are also the advantages that make this dish more and more popular.

Leather car seat covers

Leather car seat covers are also one of the indispensable items for car racing. There are many types of seat covers, but the best is still genuine leather upholstery because it has perfect softness, dust resistance, good odor absorption, but its price is also quite high. When upholstered with real leather seats, your interior will become even more luxurious and beautiful, much more sophisticated than imitation leather or felt upholstery.

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